The earliest wedding photos

The earliest wedding photos were always shot in a controlled environment. The newlyweds would attend a session at the photographers studio. Often, they did not even wear their wedding gowns, but instead were their best clothes. The photographer would coach and position the couple to achieve the most complementary and favorable poses and create the best images where lighting, dress, shadow and mood was accentually all created by the work of the studio. . As technology advanced, wedding photography changed. With better equipment it was possible to achieve the above results during the wedding. The photographer could now set up their equipment in the field and take part in the wedding. Although the images are shot on location, traditional wedding photography dictates a large degree of the involvement of the photographer in the wedding. He/she still positions the subjects, be it the newlyweds or the guests. The photographer picks the spots where the pictures will be taken, thus being able to control the environment and manipulate the lighting, poses and mood of the photographs.

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